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Secification Sheet Residential Gas Water Heaters
Use these links to access the specifications on Bradford White Water Heaters. Contact ABC for price, availability or with any questions you may have.

Specification Sheet Residential Electric Water Heaters
Bradford White Icon Gas Valve System

NEW Icon intelligent water heater gas control with energy and time saving benefits.

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Why ABC and Bradford White Water Heaters are Your Best Value



·         Bradford White water heaters use the ICON intelligent gas control for advanced energy and time saving benefits. Exclusive performance software designed into the controller provides enhanced money saving water delivery ratings and LED indicated status monitoring.  Ask your salesman about all the advantages the ICON gas valve offers.



·         Bradford White water heaters meet the government required flammable vapor ignition avoidance WITHOUT the need for monthly cleaning of filters as required on other brands.


·         Bradford White water heaters have a customer push button reset on the flammable vapor system to avoid expensive service calls or replacement of the water heater as required by some other manufacturers should a flammable vapor occurrence take place.



·         Bradford White water heaters have a 40,000BTU fast recover burner giving more useable hot water faster as opposed to the 32,000 to 38,000BTU lower recovery rated burners on home center water heaters.


·         Bradford White water heaters have one full inch of foam insulation and a flue baffle designed to maximize the amount of heat absorption during the heat cycle and minimize air movement to retard heat loss during standby giving them one of the highest efficiency ratings and lowest operating cost for storage tank type water heaters.



·         The warranty is one year on labor and a full six years on parts or tank failure unlike the pro-rated warranties offered by other companies. Also the parts and tank warranty on Bradford White water heaters can be extended to a full ten years with a warranty upgrade charge.


·         Bradford White water heaters have the Hydrojet total performance cold water inlet sediment reducing dip tube system that prevents sediment build up in the tank, increases first hour deliver of hot water and minimizes temperature build up at the top of the tank.



·         Bradford White water heaters have high silica Vitraglas ceramic porcelain tank lining to protect from the corrosive effects of hot water to make it one of the toughest tanks in the industry.


·         Bradford White water heaters have a factory installed protective magnesium anode rod for added protection against corrosion.



·         Bradford White water heaters have a quality brass drain valve and the T&P valve is included.


·         The pedestal base allows for easy transport and positioning and solid corrosion resistant contact with the floor unlike the unstable easily damaged legs on other models.



·         Bradford White water heaters have a Piezo igniter for easy push button pilot lighting and a glass sight window to view the combustion chamber and observe the pilot and burner operation.


·         Bradford White water heaters are contractor grade water heaters for installation by professionals and are not available from home centers.


      Compare all of the above quality features and the maintenance free operation of the Bradford White water heater with any other tank type water heater on the market and you will find that other brands can’t compare.  That’s the reason Bradford White was selected by the professional staff of ABC Plumbing as the best water heater available to our valued customers. Also compare the fact that ABC offers installation by licensed plumbers and is a local business with over 50 years of serving Southern Colorado that stands behind the warranty.

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