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Xeriscape and Drip Systems Easy as ABC

Rainbird Landscape
Image provided courtesy of Rain Bird Corporation
A: Select your plants and decide the layout of your plant groupings. Try to group plants by their water needs low, moderate and high water use. You can use the links on this page to help you with plant selection and determining the water requirements of the plants.

B: Bring in a drawing of your plant grouping plan and one of our sprinkler designers will go over the design of your system. The great thing about a drip system is that it is adaptable to almost any landscape and easy to install.

C: Pick up your parts. Install your custom designed system with the advice and assistance of our sales staff. Then sit back and enjoy the most efficient type of irrigation system and watch your plants thrive  by fulfilling the individual water needs of each plant or tree.
Yellow Flower
The links below will connect you to The Colorado State University Extension Pages on plant selection and plant water usage for our area.


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