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Radiant heat flow example

Radiant Heating Offers several advantages over other conventional heating systems.

  • One of the main advantages of radiant heating is that it allows comfort at lower air temperatures while keeping the surface temperature of objects in the room higher. By heating the objects and interior surfaces of the room it gives even comfortable heat without the uncomfortable hot and cold swings with other systems using air temperature to heat an area.
  • Radiant heat is quiet and dust free there is no need for noisy fans with uncomfortable bust of hot or cold air blowing allergens and dust through the home.
  • Radiant heating allows for the heat tubing to be installed in the floors, walls or ceiling where it is not visible. With radiant heat  there are no forced-air vents or returns to be concerned with when designing room interiors.
  • Room by room thermostats and zoning of the radiant heat system offer energy saving by allowing temperatures to be adjusted for each heating area. This allows for setting of lower temperatures in unoccupied rooms and personal heating comfort levels can be set in living areas, baths and bedrooms.
  • The floors and objects in the room are kept warm. No more cold winter floors to greet your feet.
  • When forcing heated air into a closed area as with conventional forced air heating the heated air will try to escape through any small crack, opening or low R-value area. By heating the surface areas of a room with radiant heat this heat loss is greatly reduced.
  • Radiant heat is the way the sun heats the earth. The heat energy waves pass through space and heat the surface of the earth. The heat in a radiant heat system passes through the air and heats the objects in the room radiating heat into the room. But instead of the heat coming from one point in the sky as with the sun, the heat of a radiant heat system radiates evenly and comfortably from the entire radiant surface in the room.

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