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The Problem
Damaging scale buildup in piping, appliances and on plumbing fixtures
The Solution
ABC Plumbing and The Healthy Alternative to Water Softeners "Scale Blaster Water Treatment"


How The Scale Blaster Works




  • Never requires salt, chemicals or routine maintenance
  • Prevents and removes existing lime scale
  • Protects appliances from scale damage
  • Better for your heath & the environment
  • Prolongs the life of water heaters & heating elements by preventing scale buildup
  • Removes lime scale buildup in shower heads, sinks and faucets




  • Protects dishwashers and washing machines from hard water damage
  • Brighter, whiter & longer lasting clothes, towels and sheets
  • Reduce soap and detergent use by up to 25%
  • Water heaters will maintain their efficiency lowering heating bills over the life of the appliance
  • May improve symptoms of dry skin and your skin will feel smoother & hair more manageable

Scale Blaster SB-75
Scale in Water Pipe Before and After
The Scale Blaster Advantage

Water Softener VS ScaleBlaster
Scale Blaster can be used  with water not suited to other types of salt free water conditioning because  media does not come into direct contact with the water. The frequency waves pass directly through the plumbing piping from the coils wrapped around the pipe to treat the water. Many sizes are available to treat residential or commercial applications. Stop in one of our stores to see displays and discuss sizing for your system.

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