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Frequently Asked Sprinkler System Questions


      How can I install a do it yourself sprinkler system, avoid dry spots and operating problems without having ever installed a system before?

Let ABC Plumbing and Electrical design your system for free. With purchase of the system from us we will guarantee proper coverage and our sales staff offers expert installation advice with every part of your system. Go to our Steps to do it yourself for detailed information. 


     Why can't I run different types or brands of heads on the same sprinkler zone and why do different patterns of heads use different GPM (gallons per minute) of flow?

     Different types and brands of heads have different precipitation rates (the amount of water delivered per square foot of ground in a given amount of time) therefore the head types must be matched to provide even coverage. Precipitation rate again is why different patterns of heads use different gallons per minute of flow. A full circle head uses twice as much water as a half circle head and four times as much water as a quarter circle head of the same radius. Also heads of different radius supply different GPM to supply even coverage throughout the pattern. In some instances heads of different brands can be used if the precipitation rates are the matched by nozzle selection.

     Why are sprinkle systems installed in zones (valves that run at separate times)?

     There are several reasons why sprinklers are installed in zones. Depending on your water pressure and line size there are only so many gallons per minute of water available to run the heads required by your system. If there is more water required by the heads than available the system must be zoned out to allow the heads to operate properly. Different type of landscape have different water needs so zones are installed to supply the proper amount of water to different types of landscape on the system to meet the plants water requirements. Different types of heads (Fixed spray, gear driven, oscillating, drip emitters and other types) used in deferent shape areas have different precipitation rates so like type heads are zoned for even coverage. these are some of the major reasons for zoning a system.

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