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Gear Driven Lawn Sprinkler In Action



Step 1: System Design

        Pick up your FREE sprinkler design pamphlet from ABC Plumbing.

        Pick up a pressure gauge From ABC Plumbing ($10 refundable deposit upon return) and the salesperson will explain how to test your water pressure.

        Make a scale drawing of your yard on the graph paper provided in the pamphlet; include all areas to be watered and the type of plantings. Include locations of the house, trees, shrubs, drives and walkways. Also include the location you wish to place the manifold, timer (for automatic systems), the location and material of the water tap-out line (Copper, Galvanized, plastic) and any special situations (Significant elevation changes, fences, obstructions, pressure reducer on system, etc.).

        Bring your drawing and the water pressure information to ABC plumbing.

        Our sprinkler designers will discuss your drawing with you and suggest the best methods to water your landscaping. Then leave your plan and we will custom design your system FREE showing the location, coverage of each head, the zoning and the grouping of the heads.  We will let you know when your plan will be ready and give you a call when it is completed.

        When your plan is ready come in and our designers will go over your plan personally with you and explain the design to you. The plan will consist of a COMPLETE parts take off of every part needed for installation and we will suggest tools you may need to make the job easier and give you a total cost for your system. Our staff is here to help with any questions you may have in every step of your irrigation system installation.

        Our design is guaranteed. Provide us with accurate dimensions and water pressure and we guarantee no dry spots with a system designed and purchased from ABC. In the event of a dry spot due to a design error, ABC will provide the materials to correct the problem free of charge.


Step 2: Purchase Your Material

        Call ahead and ABC will pull your parts from your parts list and have your sprinkler package ready for you when you arrive.

        We stock a COMPLETE line of irrigation supplies and every part needed will be in your package we designed down to that last wire nut for that final timer connection. Also including all the primers, cements and pipe sealants.

        ABCís parts come with something else other parts donít offer; the knowledge of how to use and install them (our experts are here to help you with any questions or concerns) and on our Irritrol products a full five year warranty and when meeting certain conditions we will extend the five year warranty to all the other parts (pipe, clamps, fittings, etc.). This warranty excludes damage due to freezing.  Ask a salesperson for details.


Step 3: System Installation

          The steps below are the major steps for installation. Detailed in depth instruction

           sheets for each step, product specification sheets and personal instruction are available

           on request at our shop.


        Tap your existing water supply, install the stop and waste valves and run a water line to the sprinkler system. The tap can be made outdoors or indoors per customer preference. The outdoor tap is normally preferred for more water volume, less noise when the system is operating and easy system draining at shut down for the winter. This step is the part that some home owners wish to have installed by a plumber. Ask us about our sprinkler tap installation service by our licensed and insured plumbers on staff.  

        Assemble and install the backflow prevention and valve manifolds. Your system will have a reduced pressure backflow prevention device, a pressure vacuum breaker or anti-siphon sprinkler valves. The best type for your system would have been selected during the design process of the system. If a drip line is included on your system the wye strainer and pressure reducing valve should be installed at this time. Turn the water on after the manifold installation to check for any leaks or problems on the main line. After testing the main line can be covered.

         Lay out and trench for the system. Using your plan and the marking flags mark the location of each head and dig all the trenches for the piping from the zone valves to the heads. The color coded lines on the plan will show the heads to be grouped on each zone valve.

        Lay your piping in the trenches. You can lay all the piping now or pipe each zone individually as you install the heads for that zone. Use insert fittings and clamps to tie the lines and valves together.

        Install the sprinkler heads. Your system will be designed using different style of heads but most of the types attach to the supply line in the same way. The connection to the supply line will be with a saddle or an insert fitting and a nipple or swing pipe. See a salesperson for instruction on your specific installation or pick up an instruction sheet at our shop for your installation method. Do not install the nozzles until after the system is flushed.  

        Install auto drains on the low points of each zone. The auto drain drains the line each time the zone shuts off to prevent water from collecting in the low spot and causing freeze damage after the system is shut down for the season. Auto drains are installed in a saddle or insert fitting facing downward on a 45 degree angle. A drain base (gravel) should be installed at the auto drain location to allow for the water to dissipate.

        If your system has a drip line, see a salesperson or pick up a detail sheet at our shop for methods of connecting the different type of emitters. Do not install the emitters until the line has been flushed.

        Backfill over the piping leaving the areas where the fittings and connections have been made exposed to check for leaks. Turn water on to each zone to flush the system of any debris and to check for leaks (use the manual operator on electric valves). Most heads come with wash out caps installed from the factory for flushing the system. After testing final backfill can be completed.

        Remove the wash out caps install the nozzles (see plan for proper nozzle for head location) and make final adjustments.

        Install the timer and connect to the valves. Test the valves for electric operation by the timer. Program your timer. See a salesperson or the instructions for operation of your specific timer and for tips on watering schedules.  


Step 4: Enjoy the benefits and savings of your new system

        Lower watering cost and healthier plants by supplying the right amount of water when and where you need it.

        Increased leisure time, no more dragging hoses or staying home to meet a watering schedule.

        No more hiring the neighbor kids to drown or dry out your lawn while on vacation. An automatic system is dependable and on duty.

        A quality sprinkler system increases your property value.

        Years of trouble free dependable service with ABC standing behind their products.

        Itís fun to watch the system work and to brag to the neighbors ďI did it myself ďand to be able to offer good advice for their irrigation needs. 

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